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burr-wood Gardens


Burr-wood is set on 2 and a half acres, with developed gardens surrounded by the native bush of the lower Kaimai Ranges. An elevated situation, we overlook a panorama of land, sea, harbour and islands, from the top of Waihi Beach out to East Cape. The views are truly spectacular.
The garden consists of four levels with a short gentle slope between each. The house level,  has cottage style gardens, and a fully functional potager, up a hidden path behind the house is a rhododendron and camellia walk. The 2nd level,  has long perennial rose beds (mostly David Austin), shrubs and trees - a park like setting. The 3rd level has a series of small ponds surrounded by garden and a newly planted Dogwood and Bromeliad drift. The 4th and last level is devoted to natives that don't grow naturally in our area, some rare. Walk along that level and return to the top through the Hosta Walk, just one of several options which mean you can return a different way than what you came. The garden is tranquil and romantic, with each level bounded by native bush giving continuity and bird life. Once within the grounds it is like stepping into another world, the only sounds you hear are the native birds and insects as they visit the abundance of blooming flora. 

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Relax and unwind in our couples retreat,  surrounded by native bush and abundant birdlife. Perfect for a romantic getaway, or for the budding artist, photographer or creative. You will be surrounded by nature and stunning vistas. A great base to be explore the Bay of Plenty.


We'd love to share our slice of paradise with you, the garden has something happening in it all year round and so much to see. Perfect for a garden group visit, a staff relax and get back to nature visit or just a group of friends looking for gardening inspiration.

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